Waste Disposal

We are an environmental services industry leader in the disposal of a variety of waste materials generated by businesses who operate in the institutional, industrial and commercial sectors. Our waste disposal experts conduct on-site waste disposal assessments to determine the most ideal way of managing your waste disposal needs. We review optional revenue streams, options for cost reductions, mitigating potential risks, protecting brand reputation, and reorganizing your waste disposal activities so as to minimize waste output and maximize waste value. No matter your type of waste, our company is here to provide specialized waste disposal solutions such as:

Regulated Waste Disposal

Regulated waste is any was that can't be thrown into a garbage bin, taken to a municipal waste depot or poured down a drain. Our regulated waste disposal services helps clients to safely and efficiently dispose of a wide range of regulated waste:

  • Any regulated waste materials generated from an industrial process, or waste by-products slated for disposal including solids, semi-solids and sludge
  • Waste paint and stains
  • Spent lamps (mercury-bearing and non mercury-bearing)
  • Waste industrial water (including wash water sludge)
  • Empty containers (including empty metal drums and oil fluid containers)
  • Remediation and demolition waste (including tank bottoms, contaminated soil, mercury spill clean-up and asbestos disposal)
  • Waste oil and lubricants (including hydraulic oil, lubricating grease, coolants and effluent solutions)
  • Spent batteries (alkaline, nickel, UPS, lithium, car, cadmium, lead acid, laptop, mercury, rechargeable, silver oxide etc.)

The waste disposal professionals at Aevitas will help you adhere to all of the environmental and governmental regulated waste disposal standards that are in place across Canada. To further explore our regulated waste disposal services, our wastewater treatment services, or our other waste disposal services, please get in touch with us.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

At Aevitas, we provide safe collection, transportation, storage, treatment, recovery and disposal of our institutional, commercial and industrial client's hazardous waste materials, meeting their budget, objectives and operational demands. We offer containerized hazardous waste disposal services (drums, pails, and totes), bulk hazardous waste disposal services (tanker and vacuum truck), lab pack services, power wash services, incineration services, fuel blending services, wastewater treatment and landfill disposal. We are capable of creating a tailor-made hazardous waste disposal program for you, supervising and accounting for every detail to ensure environmental and government compliance, competitive pricing and reduced liability, and includes:

  • Hazardous waste profiling
  • Pre-handling and transportation inspection including on-site analysis for hazardous waste identification and characterization
  • Customized pick-up schedule
  • Preparation of required documentation including manifests and container labels
  • Collection, transportation, storage, treatment, recovery and disposal of your hazardous waste
  • Hazardous waste management compliance support services
  • Certificate of destruction for PCB waste

We professionally handle a range of organic and inorganic hazardous waste materials, in solid, liquid, semi-solid, sludge or gas forms:

  • Manufacturing hazardous waste materials like waste acids, waste chemicals and contaminated sludges
  • Characteristic hazardous waste materials like corrosive waste, ignitable/flammable waste, leachate toxic waste and reactive waste
  • Photo finishing chemicals
  • Returned or damaged goods, off-spec or out-of-date products
  • Hazardous waste used for automotive purposes like waste gasoline and diesel, paint waste, brake fluid, waste solvents, contaminated cloths, oil filters, antifreeze etc.
  • Maintenance materials with hazardous constituents like waste paints, solvents, pesticides, aerosols, caustics, refrigerant containing appliances, etc.
  • PCB's (polychlorinated biphenyls)
  • Oil and water mixtures
  • Hazardous waste containing elements like cadmium, barium, arsenic, silver, chromium, mercury, selenium and lead
  • Universal hazardous waste like fluorescent lightbulbs, specialty batteries (ie. containing lithium or lead), lamps, cathode ray tubes and mercury containing devices (ie. thermostats, switches)
  • Electrical hazardous waste / E-waste (television and computer monitors, appliances, circuit breakers etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical hazardous waste like controlled substances and prescription medications
  • Agricultural hazardous waste like waste pesticides
  • And many others

Get in touch with our waste disposal team to arrange for our hazardous waste disposal services, or to learn more about our other waste disposal services, or our wastewater treatment services.

Industrial Waste Disposal

Our company's comprehensive waste disposal services includes the collection, transportation, transfer, recycling and disposal of industrial waste Canada-wide. We ensure that your industrial waste management process is safer and more sustainable, all while controlling costs and minimizing long-term liability. Our state-of-the-art technology and equipment allows us to provide any industrial waste collection or disposal service you may require, including drum and bulk industrial waste in liquid, solid, semi-solid or sludge forms. Our industrial waste disposal facilities include hauling yards, material recovery facilities, transfer stations and processing facilities, all of which are serviced by our reliable fleet of tankers, vacuum trucks and other specialty vehicles. From routine industrial waste disposal pickups to large scale environmental initiatives, we ensure that government regulations are strictly adhered to for every industrial waste disposal job we undertake. In addition, we offer on-site industrial cleaning services that includes the cleaning of industrial buildings, process equipment, and above and below ground tanks, pits and interceptors. For all of your industrial waste disposal needs get in touch with our friendly and experienced waste disposal professionals, and don't forget to ask about our Aevitas wastewater treatment services.

PCB Destruction

Aevitas is Canada’s leader in PCB contaminated equipment disposal. Our PCB waste disposal professionals safely collect, transport, store, treat and destruct PCBs. We offer the most comprehensive PCB destruction program that is in regulatory compliance with current government requirements:

  • PCB hazardous waste audit, sampling, testing and weighing
  • Draining, packaging, labeling and transportation of PCB contaminated wastes (in compliance with the Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act)
  • Proprietary PCB destruction process to decontaminate PCB contaminated materials
  • In-house laboratory testing of PCB destroyed materials
  • Certificate of PCB destruction and customer indemnification
  • Decommissioning and deregistering PCB storage sites

Our organization has a number of facilities in Ontario and Alberta which are licensed to receive PCB waste materials, and provide PCB destruction services for PCB laden debris, soil, caulking, capacitors, ballasts, electrical transformers, electrical equipment, transformer oil / askarel fluid, solvents, paints and more. Aevitas was started over 25 years ago with a program to address the growing number of PCB ballast being stored across Canada. Why trust the disposal of this highly regulated waste material to anyone else? Contact our waste disposal specialists to learn more about our PCB destruction service, our other waste disposal services, and our Aevitas wastewater treatment services.

Institutional Waste Management

A variety of institutional organizations throughout Canada rely on us for their institutional waste management needs:

  • Government: municipal, provincial or federal
  • Education: schools, colleges and universities
  • Health Care: hospitals, retirement facilities
  • Emergency services: fire and police services
  • Security services: border and airport facilities

At Aevitas, we make it easy to dispose of institutional waste, as we offer a wide range of institutional waste management services:

  • Recycle by mail (prepaid recycling program)
  • Battery recycling (large or small / wet or dry)
  • Electrical equipment recycling (transformers / switches)
  • Site remediation (PCB storage / mercury contamination)
  • Analytical & testing services (waste characterization / TCLP)
  • Lab pack services (miscellaneous chemicals / lab solvents)
  • Lamp recycling (mercury and non-mercury bulbs / fixtures)
  • Asset recovery (used equipment / surplus materials)
  • Hazardous waste disposal (paints / solvents/ other liquid waste)
  • Regulated waste disposal (soils / oils)
  • Wastewater treatment (cooling tower maintenance / sump cleaning)
  • Transportation services (full array of specialized vehicles)
  • Electrical equipment disposal
  • Assured destruction (end-of-life product / seized materials)
  • Mercury recovery (spill clean-up / mercury bearing devices)

Get in touch with us to learn more about our institutional waste management services, our wastewater treatment services, or our other waste disposal services.

Remediation & Demolition

We are uniquely qualified to handle complex waste disposal projects, including site remediation and demolition. Tapping into our network of qualified experts on a subcontractor basis, we offer our institutional, commercial and industrial customers an array of remediation and demolition services including:

  • Asbestos abatement
  • Building demolition
  • Daylighting and hydro excavation
  • Site remediation
  • Storage tank decommissioning
  • Mercury spill services

To further explore our demolition and remediation services, our other waste disposal services, or our wastewater treatment services, get in touch with us today.

Assured Destruction

At Aevitas, we provide assured destruction services for the safe, secure, witnessed and recorded destruction of waste by-products, or off-spec or expired materials using incineration, shredding, solidification and other customized methods. Our assured destruction services guarantee that a variety of materials will not be re-sold or reused, fall into the wrong hands, or affect your company's long-term liability and reputation:

  • Consumer packaged products labelled "not to be sold"
  • Research and development materials, retained samples and prototypes
  • Contraband, counterfeits or seized materials
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Production waste and finished packaged goods

Please contact our friendly team to learn more about our assured destruction services, our other waste disposal services, or our wastewater treatment services.

Electrical equipment disposal

At Aevitas, we offer the most effective electrical equipment disposal services available in the environmental services industry. Don't dispose of your unwanted, obsolete or broken electrical equipment (e-waste) in a landfill which can have adverse affects on our environment. Our electrical equipment disposal service helps to make your industrial, commercial or institutional organization safer and cleaner, and we dispose of a variety of electrical equipment:

  • Utility equipment (transformers, substations, bushings, capacitors, cables etc.)
  • Lamps & lighting (mercury-bearing and non mercury-bearing)
  • Wires, cables & adaptors
  • Circuit breakers, switch boards, mercury containing switches
  • Monitoring & control instruments
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Electrical & electronic tools
  • Batteries (back-up & stand-by systems, alkaline, nickel, UPS, lithium, car, cadmium, lead acid, laptop, mercury, rechargeable, silver oxide, lithium ion, single use etc.)
  • Industrial power generating equipment
  • E-waste (desktop & laptop computers, monitors, keyboards, servers, routers, switches, modems, telephones, answering machines, televisons, printers, photocopiers, fax machines etc.)
  • And much more

To learn more about our electrical equipment disposal service, our wastewater treatment services, or our other waste disposal services, give us a call.

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