Industries Served

We are Canada's leading environmental services company, one who is committed to making it easier for you to safely and efficiently manage your institutional, commercial or industrial organization's waste. We assist a number of different clients nation-wide by providing them a wide range of services such as wastewater treatment, recycling, waste disposal, as well as a variety of environmental services including PCB on-site services, transformer oil, lab pack services and much more. We believe that by providing sustainable environmental solutions, we will encourage our customers and the communities we serve to practice greater environmental responsibility. At Aevitas we provide industry leading services that are specifically designed to meet a variety of different industries needs:

  • Commercial / landlord
  • Lighting
  • Consulting firms
  • Engineering firms
  • Demolition & remediation
  • Electrical contractors
  • Utility & power generation
  • Manufacturing & assembly
  • Metal fabrication
  • Mining
  • Institutional & government
  • Chemical

Don’t see your company’s business listed here? Just contact us to ask how we can help. We are industry leading specialists at finding cost-effective solutions for unique waste streams!

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